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– change original appearance of WGCalculator Product Key on Your taste;
– ease of uploading and installation of skin (direct from the program);
– all new developed skins will be absolutely free-of-charge;
– minimize the program in the system tray;
– setting the hotkey for the show and hiding of calculator;
– pass results in other programs through the Clipboard;
– Scientific calculation (engineering functions).
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** WGCalculator does not work with Windows 2000 & Windows XP **
For instructions for installing WGCalculator under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, please see

– winmodem support
– we are not responsible for any kind of hardware damage and related problems
1. Download file “WGCalculator_setup.exe” from
2. Start WGCalculator installer and press “Next” button;
3. Read “What is the warranty for the program?” text and press “Accept” button;
4. Press “Next” button to check the installation folder;
5. Press “Next” button to check the installation settings;
6. Press “Next” button to check the files structure;
7. Press “Install” button to finish installation.
Tested on Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x64, these instructions should also work for Windows 2000 x64.
WGCalculator should work with WDDM and MTSD drivers for VIA VX882, VIA VX855, VIA VX882-100, VIA VX855-100, VIA VX855-120, VIA VX855-210, VIA VX860, VIA VX855E, VIA VX882-10, VIA VX880, VIA VX880-100, VIA VX860-100, VIA VX860-120, VIA VX880E, VIA VX880-10, VIA VX880-20, VIA VX880-30, VIA VX855, VIA VX855E, VIA VX885, VIA VX855E-100, VIA VX880, VIA

WGCalculator Crack + Patch With Serial Key


WGCalculator Crack+ Incl Product Key [March-2022]

WGCalculator is a free software for Windows, created and developed by the Polish developers. WGCalculator is a unique program and it offers an opportunity to all users to have a simple and efficient way to execute all types of standard arithmetic operations and scientific calculations. WGCalculator is a user-friendly windows calculator which is compatible with all known and new Windows calculator versions, which enables users to get maximum efficiency with minimum efforts. It has been developed to be the most convenient and user friendly calculator for all Windows users. The program is constantly updated and has a huge amount of skins to choose from.
What’s new in this release:
Version 1.9.0 of the WGCalculator application for Windows, included in the Maintenance Pack for all customers who have paid for WGCalculator, following the release of wgcalculator.exe.exe. This version includes the latest Patches and fixes which were released since the last version of WGCalculator.

version 1.8.4

Bug fixed

New skins

version 1.8.2

Minor fixes

version 1.8.1

Bug fixed

version 1.8.0

New skins

version 1.8.0

Fixed the displaying bug of the scientific notation

fixed the bug with the floating point display

version 1.7.4

Bug fixed

version 1.7.3

Fixed the bug with the formatting for negative numbers and different positive numbers

fixed the bug with the ability to enter strings

version 1.7.2

Fixed the bug with the operation of results with positive and negative numbersQ:

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What’s New In WGCalculator?

WGCalculator is excellent replacement to the standard Windows calculator. At its creation we tried to do it maximally comfortable, beautiful, easy to use. By WGCalculator you will be able to execute all standard arithmetic operations and different scientific calculations.
WGCalculator is a replacement tool for windows calculator.
You will be able to choose the form of calculator on your taste from the great number of possible skins (different size different functionality and colouring), which constantly will be filled up.
Here are some key features of “WGCalculator”:
■ change original appearance of WGCalculator on Your taste;
■ ease of uploading and installation of skin (direct from the program);
■ all new developed skins will be absolutely free-of-charge;
■ minimize the program in the system tray;
■ setting the hotkey for the show and hiding of calculator;
■ pass results in other programs through the Clipboard;
■ Scientific calculation (engineering functions).

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System Requirements:

Supported OS: MacOSX / Windows
CPU: i5 or better
RAM: 8GB or better
Graphics card: OpenGL 2.0
Memory: 16 GB or better
Hard Disk: 200GB or better
Additional Notes: * If you don’t have Steam installed, it can be downloaded from www.steampowered.com/ * If you don’t have Team Fortress 2, you can download it for free at * If you don’t have AutoHotKey installed, you can download


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