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César Tabordeta (born 1948) is an Argentine playwright, novelist and screenwriter. In 1981 he started his career as a scriptwriter and director, a position he held from 1984 to 1987. He also directed four films, the last ones in 1998.

Born in Buenos Aires, in 1968 he received his degree in Dramatic Arts from the National Theatre School and began to publish his first plays in a daily magazine, although a couple of years later he moved to Channel 7, where he specialized in dramatic series. The first of his series was Una familia con problemas (1978), adapted to various countries where it was successful.

In 1981 he wrote the script of Los amores de la ira (Love hurts), which was the first Argentine film to be selected for the Academy Award, won by Juan José Campanella and Sergio Renán. He also wrote the script of El tigre herido (The wounded tiger) and El páramo (The prairie), in which he acted and directed. He also participated in Ocho y medio (Eighteen and a half), a film about the terrorism of the military government in Argentina.

In 1985 he directed a science fiction film called El lío (The mess). In 1987 he wrote El jardín de la tarde (The afternoon garden) and directed Un anillo de amor (An engagement ring). In 1988 he directed the second Argentine film to be selected for the Academy Award, a film called El bebé Pérez.

Los amores de la ira (Love hurts) (1981), based on a novel by Jorge Luis Borges
El bebé Pérez
El jardín de la tarde
Ocho y medio (Eighteen and a half)
Cara paloma (1987)
Vientos en G
Amantes de G (1989)
Las primicias de la violencia (1990)
La huida del visco (The squeak of the visc) (

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