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Stealth Desktop Recorder (TSR) is an application designed to easily monitor and remotely record keystrokes, screenshots, web sites visited and more.
TSR is a stealth Windows Service that works by uploading log records from a local machine to a central server.
TSR is designed for extreme stealth, and will only start if a specified registry entry is created in the machine being monitored. TSR will not start if a user attempts to log off or shutdown Windows during the setup process, so you can be assured that you will not be prompted to login or allow access to other active programs when using TSR.
TSR is perfectly suited for any environment that requires security and monitoring.
Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
macOS, Windows 10
View and control the desktop remotely from anywhere, on any device, or a combination of both.
View and control the Windows firewall and update your local machine from a remote location using TSR:
Stealth Desktop Recorder Features:
Remote control
Remote Control and monitor the desktop from anywhere, on any device. TSR is designed to hide from the taskbar, so you can be sure that even the user will not see that you have TSR installed.
Stealth Windows service
TSR can be run as a Windows service and will only start when a registry entry is created. During setup, you will be prompted with a configuration tool. Once setup is complete, TSR will automatically start at a time that is convenient to you.
Hide from the Start menu and Taskbar
TSR will not start and TSR will have a completely transparent interface to the user. TSR will not start unless the “Stealth Desktop Recorder” key is created and set to Run:
Locked Registry key
TSR will create a registry key that will lock TSR from access during setup, and then will unlock itself when the local service key is removed. This means that no one can perform setup, but TSR will start as soon as setup is complete.
Hidden from Windows Task Manager
TSR will create a registry key that will lock TSR from access during setup, and then will unlock itself when the local service key is removed. This means that no one can perform setup, but TSR will start as soon as setup is complete.
Connect to Terminal Services
You can start and stop all running programs, including Terminal Services and Remote Desktop sessions while being completely invisible to the user.

Stealth Desktop Recorder With Keygen

Stealth Desktop Recorder is a desktop monitoring and recording application that allows you to record all of your desktop activity.
This application records all activities that occur on your PC and makes them available for retrieval and investigation. You can set your own timestamp to log all activities, and create rules to automatically log specific events.
Examples of the types of information that this application will track include:
Web sites visited
E-mail, including sent and received
Most chat systems, including MSN, AOL, ICQ, Camtasia, MSN Instant Messenger, and also Skype, aMSN, Jabber, GTalk, etc.
File usage and uploads
Keystrokes typed into any application
File copying and renaming
File and folder properties
Applications that were opened or closed
Notes, messages, screenshots and chats
File system information, including file size, creation and modification timestamps
The Stealth Desktop Recorder allows you to create a number of recording modes, each of which has its own log details and events. Some of the monitoring and control functions include:
Stop / Start recording program
Set recording time to current time, this/this month, this/this week, this/this day, this/this hour, this/this half hour, etc.
Stop recording in any mode
Change logging message details, such as a timestamp or the kind of logging
Record and start monitoring all of your web and file browser traffic
Make screenshots at any time
Retrieve recorded information, including information you missed on the system
Collect recordings and export them to text files
Filter recorded information using a number of criteria

Category: Software

Platform: Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit), Windows XP (32 & 64 bit), Windows 2003, Windows 2000

Size: 148.00 MB

License: User’s Choice

Price: $49.00

License Agreement

This software is provided “AS IS” without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose.
No license, either express or implied,

Stealth Desktop Recorder Free Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac]

Stealth Desktop Recorder will allow you to continuously record all activity on your local PC including all files, browsing and applications that are run on your PC.
It allows you to check the history of your PC from any remote location on the Internet.
The Stealth desktop recorder lets you view the desktop activity in real-time and open files, folders, or web-sites on any remote computer from the PC being monitored.
You can control the PC in real-time and start, stop and pause programs on your PC without the user’s knowledge.
Use the recorded logs to monitor what your users are doing. This is a great way to see who might have accessed sensitive information or left behind incriminating files on the PC.
As the software runs as a Windows service, it is invisible, secure, and is also able to monitor Terminal Services and Remote Desktop sessions. All logs and transfers are encrypted for maximum security, and access to the program is controlled with an Administrator password.
Users can be configured to have access to the program as necessary. The time, date and level of access can be configured.
The software can also be configured to automatically upload files to a remote FTP server, allowing easy remote access to files for your users.


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What’s New In Stealth Desktop Recorder?

The Stealth Desktop Recorder is a stealth application for Windows that records any activity going on in your computer in real-time. With Stealth Desktop Recorder, you can look at web sites visited, chats and e-mails, applications used, keystrokes typed, files created, renamed or moved, and take screenshots at any time.
The software is a hidden service running in the background of your PC without impacting the performance of the computer, making it virtually impossible to notice. It allows you to view the logs remotely over a network or it can be used as a remote control. The software allows you to stop, start, or pause logging. It can also take periodic screenshots of the desktop or any portion of it at any time.
Install Stealth Desktop Recorder:
1. In the list of installed programs on your PC, right-click on Stealth Desktop Recorder and select “Run as Administrator”.
2. If the software is not already listed in the list of installed programs, allow the software to be installed. The install may take a few minutes.
3. When the software is installed, you will see a list of options and a button to enable the service. Click the button to enable the service.
4. Click on “Yes” or type “y” to confirm you want to allow the service to be started at next boot.
5. Close all open programs.
6. Open Task Manager and click on the Processes tab.
7. Find the name of the program “Stealth Desktop Recorder” and right-click on it. Select “End Process”.
8. Click on “Yes” or type “y” to confirm you want to stop the service.
8. Once you have confirmed that you are not currently logged in as an administrator, you can open the Software List and uninstall Stealth Desktop Recorder.
View Stealth Desktop Recorder Logs:
1. Open the Logs folder and select a log file.
2. Double click the file and it will open.
3. The log contains very detailed information about the computer’s activity. Some of the logs are very long and take a while to load.
4. You can see screenshots, web pages, and chat messages.
5. If you are using a PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP and purchased the Ultimate or Professional edition, you will have a special “Stealth Desktop Recorder” User setting and it contains information about your log files.

System Requirements:

i. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
ii. 2 GHz or greater
iii. 2GB RAM
iv. 3 GB available hard disk space
v. Graphical display
vi. Adobe Reader 8.0 or later
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