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Sensorium provides remote access to local PC sensors (temperature, fan speed, voltage, etc.)
Give Sensorium2 a try to see how it can help you monitor several parameters of a computer.









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Sensorium is a graphical device driver for the Sensors, Fans, Power, and Heatsink Sensors added to the
nVidia based system. Sensorium2 Crack Mac is the Sensors and Power Sensors support for the nVidia based systems.
Sensorium2 Product Key works with the nVidia based systems and is compatible with the nVidia BIOS, Version 1.11 and later. The sensor plugins are compatible with 5.1 versions of the nVidia BIOS and nVidia cooling drivers (30 and later). There are currently three plugins supporting Sensors: temperature, power usage, and fan speed.
The Sensors do not communicate with the PC, rather they communicate with the nVidia motherboard. The Sensors and Fans that communicate directly with the nVidia motherboard are marked with stars in the install directory.
Note that there are other sensors on the nVidia motherboard. These are not supported in this release.
Key Features:
– compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
– compatibility with nVidia BIOS, Version 1.11 and later
– multiple sensors support
– two different interfaces for sensing the sensors
– two different output plugin interfaces
– filtered output for real time display
– dual sensors support
– support for system boot monitoring with the nVidia BIOS
– support for real time power monitoring with the nVidia BIOS

Sensorium2 is a standalone application that is not a device driver. It doesn’t require any specific initialization and can be called from anywhere, even from a scheduled task or Delayed Start. If the application is run from the system Startup, it will register its own device at the top of the Plugins list. By default, the Device will run the Power and temperature plugins.
Sensorium2 can read over 60 sensors and monitor their status. It also has the ability to read several sensors simultaneously in real time.
The sensor plugins run independently from other applications, such as any application that provides a Plug-in. So you could run another application and still have Sensorium2 reading the sensors, even though it is not selected in Plugins list. It is possible to have Sensors attached to more than one application.
The sensor plugins are installed with Sensorium2, and they cannot be deleted. They are stored in a directory and named by the sensors that they are supporting. The sensors are listed by plugin that

Sensorium2 Free License Key

Sensorium2 Crack Keygen is a free remote monitoring software for home and office use.
The main feature is remote access to local PC sensors (temperature, fan speed, voltage, etc.).
You can monitor several PC parameters as they are displayed on your screen.
Any process that is running on your local computer can be automatically logged in a log file.
If the computer crashes, the data is automatically saved in the local directory.
You can also send the monitoring data to the internet using any internet supported application.

There are only three different operations: monitoring, saving data and sending.

How it works:


The main window shows you the local PC parameters of the selected process. When the required parameters are not found, you will get a message asking you what to do. The first time you load the program, you can choose which parameters should be displayed. Also, you can choose which type of display, such as analog or digital. There are several different types of display available.

The main window also shows the status bar, which shows you the following information:

Last entry in the log file.

Online/offline status:
If the process is online, you can monitor its temperature, fan speed, etc.


You can choose to either email the log or save it to a file.

Saving to a file is done in the File menu, where you choose the location and name of the file.

If you set it, it will automatically be sent to the internet.

If you have access to a ftp application, you can send the file to the internet using any normal ftp application.

To send to a specific email address:

Select the file you want to send.

Click the Send to Email button.

A blank message form will appear.

Enter your e-mail address.

Enter a subject that will be displayed in the recipient’s e-mail body.

Enter a message that you will display in the recipient’s e-mail body.

Press the Send button and your email will be sent.

You can also send to a file on the internet using an internet application.

To send to a file on the internet:

Select the file you want to send.

Click the Save to FTP button.

A blank FTP site form will appear.

Enter the name of the folder where you

Sensorium2 Crack + Incl Product Key Download [Latest] 2022

Sensorium 2 is an application which provides remote access to the sensors
built into various models of PCs. Users are able to view sensor data in various formats and explore the data with statistical analysis tools.

The data comes from various locations such as:
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone//temperature_critical for critical temperatures
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone//temperature_max for max. temperature
/proc/acpi/thermal_zone//temperature_min for min. temperature
Additionally, thermal zones may be accessed through /proc/acpi/thermal_zone// and the location of hardware is determined from the respective_sensor_file_paths file.

For example, to check the current temperature of the CPU, search for /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/PROD_CPU_TZ/temperature_max and the current value for the most critical temperature.

These data values are provided to Sensorium 2 via the Access database.
The Access database is a file on your server which contains the information on the sensors.
The file contains information such as zone IDs, locations, and sensor types such as temperature, voltage, and fan speed.
The Access database itself is located in the directory ~/.config/Sensorium2/data/.

If you need to reset the sensor database to its initial state, you can delete the Access database using the command rm ~/.config/Sensorium2/data/Access.
You can re-initialize the database using the command Sensorium2 Reset.
To do this, specify the reset keyword, followed by the directory where the Access database resides.
For example, to reset the database from the default directory ~/Sensorium2/data/ to ~/Sensorium2/data/old/ (where all the sensor data used to exist), run the command

Sensorium2 Sensors Overview

Sensorium 2 allows you to view many different types of sensor data located on your computer.
Sensorium 2 includes all the features of the original Sensorium application, such as the ability to view sensor information in a graphical or tabular format.
However, it also provides the ability to view many more sensor types, including current temperature values.

Table 1: Sensorium 2 sensor types

Sensor Type


What’s New In Sensorium2?

The last release of Sensorium has a total of 20 new capabilities and improvements.
Sensorium2 can gather useful data from multiple sensors on a single computer.
You will be able to see these data on a visual map of your PC or in a graph.
Sensorium2 also supports PC’s with remote USB or IR sensors which can be used to monitor
temperature, fan speed, CPU activity, voltage, etc.
Important note:If you have multiple PCs in the same household and you wish to monitor
their performance, a single Sensorium2 installation is not enough. For this reason,
Sensorium2 2.0 is currently not compatible with a single computer.
Sensorium2 2.0 is a major release. It incorporates a lot of new capabilities and
Most of the new features work on either Linux or Windows and are installable in either
operating system.
Microsoft Windows 7/8
Sensorium2 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and newer.
They have been tested and confirmed to work from version:
Sensorium2 0.4.7 was released in July, 2019.
Sensorium2 0.4.8 was released in August, 2019.
Sensorium2 0.4.9 was released in October, 2019.
Sensorium2 0.4.10 was released in November, 2019.
Sensorium2 0.4.11 was released in December, 2019.
With the 0.4.7 release of Sensorium2, it was reported that it was no longer needed to have
an x64 version of Windows in order to use Sensorium2. We have done this to simplify the
installation of Sensorium2 in x64 versions of Windows.
Nexus 7 was tested and it was confirmed to work, but the colors and viewing preferences for
your devices in Sensorium2 will not be the same as you find on a Nexus 7.
If you wish to use Sensorium2 on your Android, your computer must have USB connection
which is capable of USB Mass Storage mode. On the line bellow it is explained what devices
are compatible with Sensorium2. For more information on the Android Emulator, please visit

To install Sensorium2 on

System Requirements:

1 GHz or higher processor
900MHz or higher RAM
650MHz graphics processor
800 x 600 pixels resolution
30MB free disk space
Windows 10
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