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Sid Meier s Civilization Revolution Walkthrough. I have been playing off and on since you brought this to attention and loved it.
k. You can then crack it and unlock more achievements to get that developer soul badge.
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What’s the difference between Response.Write(“hi”) and Response.Write(“hi”.ToString());?

Possible Duplicate:
WebForms: what’s the difference between writing to the client and writing to the response?

I was watching a video on ASP.NET MVC and saw the following lines of code:

What’s the difference between writing to the response versus the client side?


Both will print “hi” to the response stream, but Response.Write(“hi”); prints it to the output stream so it can be sent to the client and can be displayed by the browser, while Response.Write(“hi”.ToString()); prints it

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City .. Unfortunately, the two people the game follows into the cave never crack the game up.. Once again, this game was cracked on 1/9/2009 and made its way to DL sites.

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