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Not only does IBM Notes come with capabilities that reach far beyond a traditional email client, but it can also act as an IM client, notebook, browser and a platform for interacting with collaborative applications. However, the trump card of the utility is the long history of backward compatibility, a feature that makes managing files quick and intuitive.
As the name suggests, NSF Merge Software is a piece of software that enables you to combine NSF files together, so you can prepare them for migration or storage.
Enables you to merge NSF files in two simple steps
The advantage of the program stems from the simple method it provides you to combine or join Lotus Notes files, so that you can just migrate them to the cloud or other email services with ease. You should know that the application provides you with two methods or combining the files, namely join and merge.
While some users can argue that mean the same thing, the processes are slightly different. Consequentially, in the merging processes all the messages, contacts, events and tasks are combined to create a single file, whereas joining is an operation that preserves the original name of the records in a single folder.
Helps you eliminate duplicates and deleted data
It is worth mentioning that the program allows you to remove duplicate items, including messages, to-do lists, events, tasks or contacts. The feature can reduce the size of the output file considerably and hence, save you some cash with storage services.
At the same time, you can configure the application to ignore deleted items from the merge, an option that can help you create smaller archives that are free of unwanted data.
A handy utility for anyone using IBM Notes
All in all, if you are looking for a solution that enables you to manage IBM Notes email archives more efficiently and prepare them for migration to the cloud or other platforms, then NSF Merge Software could come in handy.







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The KEYMACRO utility is an application that enables you to create macros in IBM Notes. You can use this application to create any kind of repetitive text on a page that is accessible by clicking a button on a master page.
As the name implies, KEYMACRO is a keyboard shortcut that is great for anyone who needs to generate different button clicks quickly. For example, you could use this shortcut to create a button that sends a particular message to the recipient, or you could add a button that opens a particular format file in a particular program.
What makes the application particularly useful is the availability of a large library of predefined macros, meaning that you can create a button for almost anything without having to write or copy and paste anything.
Advantages of the software:
The application can be downloaded and installed without any difficulty.
The program offers you an easy way to generate dynamic and repetitive text.
It enables you to create multiple macros for a single button, so you can generate a few separate clicks for a single button click.
You can quickly create macros for a button that sends a message.
The options available to you include many settings, so you can set the control to open a specific page, open a specific file, run a specific macro, open the Notes client, or open an email account.
The program comes with a well-designed graphical interface that is easy to navigate.
It has a well-designed library of pre-defined macros that you can use to create buttons for the most common functions.
Keyboard shortcuts are easily accessible in the window.
It can be downloaded without any problem.
How to install this software:
After downloading the KEYMACRO utility, you can install it with no difficulty.
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For Windows users, it is recommended that you download the latest version of the software.
KEYMACRO Features:
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You can include pictures, stamps, signatures, and more with these macros.
It has a large library of predefined macros, meaning that you do not have to create a button for almost anything.
The pre-defined macros have a short cut key that makes it easy to generate a button without having to

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What’s New in the?

1. Open up the software, select the file type you need to combine, then choose the location where the files should be migrated.
2. Once you complete the operation, you can easily access the information you need to migrate or preserve your data.

Welcome to the new standalone NSF®
Converter software, NSF Converter 2010!
For many of our users, the software has already replaced the old NSF Converter 2002 which is not part of the standard Lotus Notes® Release 5
software package. For these users NSF Converter 2010 provides a tool to convert your NSF files and send them to your mailbox.
Based on the tool NSF Converter 2002 we have taken the new and important features of the original NSF Converter and integrated them into the new NSF Converter 2010 product.
New features for the NSF Converter 2010 tool
NSF Converter 2010 now offers many new features.
Migrate email from NSF files
You can now migrate email from any NSF file, including NSF Mailbox files, that have been created since the introduction of Lotus Notes Release 5.
This includes NSF files that have been converted using the NSF Converter 2002 tool.
Create NSF mailboxes
You can now create an NSF mailbox file by exporting email from an existing NSF file or by uploading an existing NSF mailbox file and create the NSF file from it.
Create NSF mailboxes
In addition, the software now allows you to transfer mail from a public folder, that is, a folder shared with another user, to your mailboxes.
Transfer files from other applications
The new NSF Converter 2010 can also transfer files from other applications to Lotus Notes files.
Advanced search tool
The advanced search tool enables you to use the search engine and apply wildcard searches to filter the results.
Sort the mail in your mailbox
The program allows you to sort the items in your mailbox in a number of ways, such as by sender, date or a specific message type.
Control the email which is displayed on the Notes Client screen
You can now control which email is displayed in the Notes Client screen. You can use the settings to control whether or not a large body of text should be displayed or just an email address.
Export and import mailboxes
The software now allows you to export and import mailboxes.
Undelete emails
The NSF Converter 2010 now enables you to undelete emails.
Export mailboxes to text files
You can now export mailboxes to text files and email client to mail folders, which can be helpful if you want to send your old emails in other services, such as text files.
Convert NSF files to text files
The software now allows you to convert NSF files to text files.
Preview the NSF file
In addition, you can now preview the contents of

System Requirements For NSF Merge Software:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD graphics
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Disk: 30GB available space
Sound: Stereo speakers, Headphone
Additional Notes: System requirements may change throughout development.
Additional Notes:
In order to install the game, you will need to have the game’s installer downloaded. If you do


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