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LockDown is a handy program for use on windows 95, 98, and Me (although it also works under Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 too) to reproduce the Lock Workstation feature of Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003.
Upon locking the workstation, the keyboard and mouse is completely blocked from sending a response to running programs. While under Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 it is still possible to CTRL+ALT+DEL, even viewing the Task List won’t help stop LockDown — a computer reset is the only other way to unlock the computer than entering the correct password. With auto-start options, this handy tool provides added security for any Windows user.
Here are some key features of “LockDown”:
· Auto-lock feature (/autolock command-line parameter) permits locking on startup.
· Compact and easy to configure.
· Extremely high 128-bit password encryption makes it impossible to view or modify passwords outside of the LockDown configuration window.
· Low-level kernel hooking of mouse and keyboard blocks input to all programs, preventing Windows cool switch (ALT+TAB) and window selection.
· Quick locking at a keystroke (Win+L).
· Three different locking options makes it possible to block out screen contents while the computer is locked.







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. Lock Workstation
This program locks the user’s computer down so that you can control when it is safe to turn it off.
. Lock Workstation with Auto-Lock
This program will lock the computer at a specified time every day, or on a schedule. It’s as easy as creating a task or adding it to the Schedule programs.
. Lock Workstation with Auto-Lock and Keystroke Lock
This program will lock the computer at a specified time every day, or on a schedule, and will lock the computer down at a keystroke (Win+L).
. Readme
This Readme describes the installation instructions. To install, follow the INSTALL.TXT instructions, or check out the Help to see if you can set it up yourself.
Installation Wizard:
This wizard can be used to install LockDown and any optional components that you have installed. It includes the standard installation, setting up of the wizard to automatically run next time you start Microsoft Windows, and monitoring LockDown.
. WinSetup
This is a text file that contains information on where to find the program files for LockDown. WinSetup is an optional file that you can put into your “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” directory to make it easier to manage.
. Optionals:
· A boot time password protection program.
· A GUI LockDown program that can be started from the Start menu.
· A monitoring program that allows you to monitor LockDown from a remote computer.
· A Lockdown application that detects if a user logs into the PC and automatically locks the PC if they use Windows Logon as well as a ‘Lockdown app’ that will work with the ‘PreventLockdown.ini’ and ‘PreventAutoLock’ startup parameters.
· Reports and Event Logs.
. Build_360
Build360 is a program for building databases that can be used in the future to automate the building of the LockDown database.
. Copyright: 2004, Brent Stellpflug. (This is a free program, and you are allowed to do whatever you want with it, but if you wish to use it or modify it in any way, you may do so, but please give it some credit for the inspiration and ideas).
This program is released under the GNU General Public License.
Don’t contact me about:
· Help file
· About the license.

LockDown Crack Keygen

· Win + L: Quickly lock your computer (at the Win key or at a specific keystroke) and leave it unlocked to unlock it.
· Win + L + C: Quickly lock your computer with a customizable shortcut keystroke.
· Win + L + D: Quickly lock your computer with a customizable delay.
· Win + L + S: Quickly lock your computer with a customizable time-out period, after which the computer will auto-unlock.
· Ctrl + Alt + Del: Locks your computer, but does not prevent you from accessing programs and files from Task Manager, etc.
· Win + L + M: Locks your computer with a customizable “Miss the Mouse” delay.
· Win + L + K: Locks your computer with a customizable “Miss the Keyboard” delay.
· Win + L + U: Locks your computer with a customizable “Unlock from this Workstation” timeout.
· Ctrl + Alt + Del: Locks your computer, but does not prevent you from accessing programs and files from Task Manager, etc.
· Win + L + L: Locks your computer with a customizable “Lock the Workstation” timeout.
· Win + L + R: Locks the screen refresh rate to the system default (60 Hz).
· /autolock : Automatic Lock (also it will ask you for a password and disable autolock feature, too).
· /noautolock: Disables the autolock feature.
· /safe-mode: Enter safe mode without actually rebooting the system.
· Autologon under Win+L: Auto-login to NT 4.0/2000/XP/Me upon locking.
· Win + L (without S): Locks the screen, so all other programs won’t pop up.
· Unlock an Locked Workstation from the File>Quit menu
· Reset the Password/Cancel LockDown Crack option from the LockDown Full Crack dialog. (Win+L, Win+L+K or Ctrl+Alt+Del+L)
· Configure SysWOW64/NTSysWOW64’s (if your x86/x64 systems do not use NT x86 emulation)
· Configure the mapping of some application shortcuts
· Configure the map of the ‘lock’ hotkey (Win+L)
· Reset Configuration: Configure this program to use default settings.


The LockDown program functions as a very easy to use and configure monitor blocking utility, which prevents applications from receiving input from users. This is useful for any computer user who is concerned about confidential information getting out of the hands of a hacker or a malicious (malware) program, and thus can be used to secure computers against robbery or theft. The LockDown monitor blocker is completely customizable, and quite configurable. Once the LockDown monitor blocker is installed in Windows, users can set the monitor to “lock” by utilizing the built-in keyboard shortcut, or by using the LockDown Configuration Utility, which is available separately. Unlike other monitor blocking products, LockDown is a fully-unified part of Windows 95, 98, and ME, and works out-of-the-box! The LockDown program is fully customizable. This means that users have the option to customize exactly what LockDown should do, what it should not do, and what it should do to specific applications (for example, it can be configured not to interrupt any Microsoft programs, but it will still act to prevent access to Windows or graphics functions). Any changes made to LockDown are stored in the registry, so that the changes remain in effect each time the program is launched. LockDown provides users with a simple but effective way to secure their computer and protect their data from unwanted activity.
What is special about LockDown?
LockDown provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing the user to completely fine-tune LockDown’s behavior, which means that users can tailor LockDown’s functionality to suit any personal need. For example, some users may want to prevent theft of their credit card information, while others may want to prevent hackers from changing their banking information. To protect against this type of behavior, LockDown allows users to designate specific “trusted” or “untrusted” applications. This function allows users to completely lock out specific applications, or to allow access to any Windows program.
The following key features are available in the LockDown program:
· Lock Workstation feature: allows the user to choose to enable/disable LockDown for the entire computer, or for only certain applications.
· Directory monitoring: allows users to completely disable/enable the monitoring of any directories that the user chooses.
· Keyboard and Mouse blocking: allows the user to enable/disable blocking of the keyboard and/or mouse functions on the user’s computer.
· Auto lock-in: Auto locking of the computer is controlled entirely by the user. Users

What’s New in the LockDown?

Quick and easy to set up and use. LockWorkstation is compatible with Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003. LockWorkstation blocks your computer from being accessed, even when you are logged off.
Requires no setup or driver installation. Set the LockWorkstation preference or use the /autolock command-line parameter to lock your computer on startup. At a keystroke (Win+L), LockWorkstation locks your computer’s keyboard and mouse, instantly. LockWorkstation is extremely reliable and will work in all Windows systems for months on end without issue.
LockWorkstation cannot be disabled. It will not run any other application while locked.
LockWorkstation is low-level and reads the lowest level of the Windows operating system. Any attempt to override it or bypass it will result in system failure.Domino’s Pizza – Domino’s Pizza – Greendale, WI

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System Requirements:

– All game menus can be closed by pressing the escape key. If you close them they will close, but if you’re playing and they close, you will restart the game
##1. Save the game and


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