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Launch Control is a handy and reliable application designed to provide a simple method to launch apps or find documents.
Simply press Ctrl + Space in order to trigger it, enter the app’s name and Launch Control will find it instantly. In order to locate the apps, it relies on the startup folder, as well as other locations, which are automatically indexed.







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Launch Control simplifies your workflow by creating the file without requiring you to open the file’s parent folder. Once it has found the file, it displays a variety of useful information about it, such as the name, size, date, and even thumbnail previews of the file’s icons.
What’s New in Version 1.1:
* Improved the high-res mode on all devices
* More Info on the Activity and Date of the File from the File Manager
* Improved Notes feature
* Better compatibility with drag & drop and manual file picker
What’s New in Version 1.0.2:
– Fixed issues for Linux systems
What’s New in Version 1.0.1:
– Improvements
What’s New in Version 1.0:
– Fix for Yosemite, relaunch in the background
– Localized
– Many bug fixes
– New features
– Improved compatibility
If you have any questions, please contact
Vistaxsoft, Inc. is the developers of Launch Control, designed to help you launch and find your favorite applications quickly and easily.

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The free GBC Mobile Companion for iPad is a remote app that lets you control most of the apps installed on your iPad from the keyboard or by voice. You can browse your apps, read, review or reply to emails, have a chat on instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and Skype and more, all from the comfort of your iPad. A full-screen keyboard lets you get even faster.
With this app, you can turn your iPad into a powerful remote control to access the apps and features you want right from your keyboard or by voice.
You can browse your apps, read, review or reply to emails, have a chat on instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and Skype, and more from the comfort of your iPad.
Full keyboard mode supports well-known apps like web browser, calendar, calendar, mail, notes, app store, and others.
Voice mode enables you to control your favorite apps that require voice input like calculator, clock, weather, timer, dictionary and keyboard.
To make your iPad a remote control for your iPad, you will need a Bluetooth keyboard with

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– Focused, easy and reliable way to launch apps and files
– Finds your apps without you lifting a finger
– Manage your apps quickly and easily
– Any app, any device, Anywhere
– Built-in RSS feeds of popular news sites
– Allows simple file browsing with the fast and complete File Explorer
– Block ads and other malicious websites
– Cloud sync (limited) for 1 year
– Safari extension
– Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + Space
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Launch Control For Windows

✔ Intelligent App Finder Launch Control is an intelligent tool that enables you to launch apps faster. It launches the apps you need quickly and easily. Launch Control includes powerful search functions to find applications quickly. With Launch Control, you don’t have to scroll through a long list in order to find an app you want. If you perform a search, Launch Control is smart enough to know whether you want to run the app or check out the app’s details. In Launch Control, you can search by name, developer, publisher, version, or any property. Not only does Launch Control allow you to search quickly, it automatically indexes search results so that they can be quickly found again. One click can get you to any application, no matter how deeply buried it is on your hard drive. Launch Control also includes smart and useful reminders to help you keep track of all your apps. Launch Control will remind you of all of your apps to launch on a schedule and play your favorite games at the ideal time.

✔ Quick Access Apps and Files Launch Control gives you access to apps and files that are currently running on your computer. Launch Control features a modern and intuitive interface so that you can easily navigate to any of your favorite apps. Launch Control keeps your shortcuts to all of your applications organized and convenient to access. Launch Control automatically includes all of your launch locations, making it easy to launch all of your apps, open files or even find shortcuts to documents. Search functions are included so that you can find apps quickly.

✔ Multi-tasking with Launch Control Launch Control lets you multi-task with ease. Launch Control allows you to access all of your apps at once, regardless of what other apps you are running. Launch Control provides a full-screen view so that you can see all of your apps at a glance.

✔ Launch File Explorer Launch Control allows you to launch file explorer, and then move around to open apps and files. Launch Control lets you open a file with the application that you have chosen. Launch Control keeps your app locations organized for easy access and can even launch apps when your computer starts up, or whenever you log in to your computer. Launch Control provides a full-screen preview of any file so you don’t need to look for the file manually. Once you have found the file you want to open, Launch Control will open it and, by default, not close the file explorer.

✔ Launch Recordings Launch Control allows you to launch your favorite apps and easily

What’s New In?

This freeware utility is a handy tool to manage the startup items in Windows 7. The program offers control over the Win7’s launcher, the pinned apps. You can pin items of your choice to the tile menu of the Start screen.
Launch Control can launch apps, find drives, folders, and file extensions. Alternatively, it can display the selected item in the taskbar, but an excellent part of the program is the ability to open any of the startup items in the Start menu.
Launch Control is a free app that doesn’t need ads and can be used without registration.
Main features:
• Powerful search engine that finds apps, program titles, files, and drives
• Pinning of apps and files
• Launch Control tile
• Multiple Languages
Other features:
Launch Control Description:
This free app is the best way to access your favorite apps and has many other nice features that you will love. It is an easy to use and can search files for their content or format.
The app also monitors the startup items, excluding the files that are in the Recycle Bin. Furthermore, it has a full list of the startup items.
You can also pin apps in the Start menu. The software is free of registration and doesn’t require ads.
Key features:
• Activates program in a snap (type “lsdservice32” to start the calculator)
• Create a profile and add keywords that will help you find what you need
• Advanced search, filter by results and items you want to pin
Other features:
• Runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
• Launch Control tile (images included)
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Choice of three themes
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System Requirements:

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