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Economia Para La Toma De Decisio


Economia Para La Toama De Decisi
Economía Para La Toma De Decisión

Remove the third “view” from a URL

I have a bunch of URLS in a table as follows:

I want the last “view” to be removed by doing:
@users.collection.entries.first(6).delete_at(:comments_url, :id => params[:id])

Which removes the second view from the URL, but not the first one.
Could anyone help me out please?


The key to a simple solution is to actually read the docs you’ve already read in addition to not understanding the code you’ve already written, because both can be done simultaneously.
First, you can’t write like this…
:comments_url => “users/1/comments/4”
:id => params[:id]

…you have to make a new hash…
:comments_url => “users/1/comments/4/#{params[:id]}

…and then prepend the appropriate user to your url to remove the third view.

The invention relates to a V-belt automatic transmission having a first shaft driven by a first motor and a second shaft driven by a second motor. The first shaft is coupled to the second shaft via a transmission arrangement so as to be drivable by the second shaft. An input shaft is coupled to the first shaft and is adapted to receive power via a clutch. An output shaft is coupled to the second shaft and is mounted rotatable about a shaft axis. A gear wheel is mounted rotatably on the output shaft.
The technical background to such transmissions is, of course, the transmission of power between a motor and a drive shaft from a motor of this kind, for instance, a compressor motor, for example, a drive power unit such as an engine-trans


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