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2010 American supernatural horror film.n This is a stand-alone sequel to the 2008 film Mirrors.n Produced in direct-to-video by 20th Century Fox.n The film depicts the events that took place after the death of Boris and before his resurrection.b Spencer Breslin, Michael Peña, Charlie Sheen, Lucy Punch, Alicia Vikander, Kevin Costner, Kristin Scott Thomas, John Lewis and others. The film received mixed reviews from critics. The film holds a 42% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 1 reviews and ratings from reviewers. Most of the criticism was below average. Mike Wood: “This movie is kind of weird, creepy in places, but it’s full of popcorn.” Worst “Very strange to see Bosco Styx, one of the most popular detectives in the world, starring. He doesn’t make any impression villain. It all looks like he was put in here because he has no alibi.” Moviereview review: “He’s unpromising but outstanding when he plays.”



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