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DLTypes is an advanced file manager that can provide file information on your computer for any number of registered file extensions and file types. You can easily find out what files exist on your computer by searching with a file extension, file type, or unregistered file list, or by searching by title and file size. Using DLTypes, you can quickly retrieve and analyze file information, and modify or add extensions and file types to the registry.
DLTypes features include:
— File type searching and file extension searching
— File size searching
— Searching by title
— Zip backup for files
— Print functions
— Favorite icon list
— Scan function
— Online help
— On-demand help
— Icon library
How to Register:
Use the DLTypes Wizard to create an account with an activation key. Visit this page for more info.
If you find that DLTypes is not functioning correctly for your system, please send an email to dltypes-support@micro-net.com with your DLTypes registration key and we will take care of the problem.

DLTypes Screenshot:
DLTypes for Windows 7
DLTypes for Windows XP
DLTypes for Windows 2000
DLTypes FAQ:

Supported OS:
DLTypes is tested and working with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Older versions have been tested and are compatible.
What’s New?
Version 1.0
June 3rd 2013
Just released to CTAN!
Version 1.0 is tested and working with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Older versions have been tested and are compatible.

DLTypes Screenshot:
DLTypes for Windows 7
DLTypes for Windows XP
DLTypes for Windows 2000

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DLTypes was designed to be as user-friendly as possible and to work perfectly with any system. Right from the beginning, we aimed for a simple, intuitive, and clean interface, but also for a comprehensive back-end functionality that would allow one to easily and quickly manipulate all the information DLTypes gathers. We took notice that many existing Registry tools have one-use only and do not provide general functionality, limiting the user and increasing the risk of mistakes and data loss. Therefore, DLTypes provides many functions that will allow you to manage Registry entries efficiently.
In essence, with DLTypes, you can:
* Perform quick, standard searches for file types or extensions across the whole registry.
* Create, display, and manipulate icons to ease your workflow.
* Add extensions and change values in the Windows Registry.
* Create customized favorites lists with the icons of your choice.
* Print files, including invalid entries, in a variety of formats: in the browser, via preview, as a PDF, or as an image.
* Zip backup.
* Convert any of the files to standard Windows files.
* Convert any of the icons to a list of images.
* Check the last modification date of the items you are looking for in the registry.
* Register your application as a custom icon.
* Protect your application from accidental un-installation.
* Keep a clear and concise file-related overview of your system at all times.
* Quickly and easily work with and compare to all of your files.
* Keep track of your applications at any time.
* Quickly scan your drive to find specific files.
* Display registry items, including invalid ones, in a list.
* Add file types to the list.
* Quickly search by extension or file type.
* Add file types to the list.
* Switch between standard and compact mode for viewing files.
* View and modify the contents of the Windows registry.
* Clean the Windows registry manually.
* Delete registry entries by key or value name.
* Delete keys and values by name or value.
* Delete a list of keys and values.
* Add or remove file extensions.
* Remove file types from the registry.
* Delete extensions and file types.
* Delete an extension.
* Delete a file type.
* Delete an invalid registry value.
* Delete a key.
* Delete a value.
* Empty the Explorer-style search results folder

What’s New In DLTypes?

DLTypes is a small tool that offers a quick, simple and safe way to manage, catalogue and monitor the many registered file types in Windows. It should prove to be indispensable for system maintenance and troubleshooting for the advanced home user, and informative and educational for the novice. It retrieves all registered file types from the Windows registry and presents them along with the number of files, file sizes and invalid entries for each extension and file type. This information is presented in a window for selection. Selections can be made by extension, file type or unregistered files. After the selection has been made, it is easy to modify the default icon and associated actions. Adding or removing file extensions can be easily done and also file types. Modifying values for file extensions can be made by extension or by file type. Backs up Registry entries when deleting extensions or changing values and tracking changes made to the registry is done automatically. Zip backup functions are available for file types. Icon can be located by scanning the registry entries, or using a favorites list that can be browsed and selected. After the scan, create a favorite icon list by browsing and selecting the icons. Print functions are available for all file types and their associations.
DLTypes Features:
*Cataloging, managing and monitoring file types
*Providing a window for quick selection
*Allowing a quick scan of the files in registry
*Registering, unregistering and deleting extensions
*Backing up Registry entries when unregistering or deleting extensions
*Compatible with all versions of Windows
*Extracting zip files
*Printing by file types
*Searching by extension, file type or unregistered file
*Sharing icons with friend
*Support for all Windows OS versions
*Unlock registry access
*Support for Windows 7
*License is free

What’s new in this version:

-Fix for explorer crashing on startup

The terms “DLTypes”, “TradeMark”, and “DLTypes”, and other product names appearing in this application are the trademarks of CTI Solutions, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

Publisher’s description

The DLTypes application was developed to be a small tool that offers a quick, simple, and safe way to manage, catalogue, and monitor the numerous registered file types in Windows. It should prove to be indispensable for system maintenance and troubleshooting for the advanced home user, and informative and educational

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Hard Disk: 20 GB
Graphics: 32 MB video card


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