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is a dynamic geometry software solution that will be useful to both math teachers and students. With the help of automatic scaling, as well as the flexibility of settings, the user can work with tasks taking into account his individual needs. The interface of the program for creating a Techineasy presentation was created on the principle that everything you need is nearby. This program works with almost all popular media file formats such as .ppt, .pps, .xls, .odf, .pdf.
Vegas 11 video maker can be downloaded from our website at the link below. After getting acquainted with the main features and benefits of this program, you will learn how to create effects, edit and edit video, add sound and titles, as well as manage all video settings.
Download the program Doodle Jump (Doodle Jump) in Russian. For a link, please refer to “How to download?” our site.
The Doodler Jump program is designed specifically for young polyglots who love to practice their English. The application allows you to create virtual drawings or letters in English (like in school). With the help of this interesting game, you can not only learn spoken English, but also develop fine motor skills and attention. Doodle jump is an unusual game that develops both attention and hand motor skills.
An interesting and simple program for creating cartoons, comics and paintings. With its help, you can easily create both simple comics and rather complex animated films. The program does not require technical knowledge in order to use it. Supports all modern types of hardware, and therefore its operation will be stable and reliable. The essence of the DoodlesJump program is that it …
Adobe Photoshop is the most popular bitmap and graphics processing software. A unique user-friendly interface, extensive editing options, large libraries and the ability to work with high quality images. All this can offer you this program for working with graphics.
Speed ​​Dial is a free program with which you can send an SMS message directly to your cell phone! Connecting to the Internet, you enter your number in a notebook or call from cell to cell phones of friends and relatives who can use this program. After taking a picture of your cell phone, you can send SMS through a special program to the desired number.
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