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Users work in two dimensions by drawing geometric shapes and objects such as lines, circles, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, splines, arc segments, arcs, polylines, text, dimensions, and hatch patterns. Object-modifying commands include Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, and others. AutoCAD Product Key is very popular with engineers, architects, construction and other professionals. The current version is AutoCAD 2022 Crack 2020 released in April 2017.

The software is available as a subscription or a perpetual license. The subscription model is priced based on the number of users. The perpetual license does not require any commitment by the users and allows unlimited use of the software. Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2022 Crack at a very nominal price. One may find better options elsewhere, but this product does the job adequately well.

Notable Features


AutoCAD is a desktop application, which means all users work on the same project. This can become a problem if one user makes a change that requires re-plotting all the work. AutoCAD is multi-user, so the users work in parallel, and have to re-plot only the work of one user.

Multiple Instances

AutoCAD supports multiple instances. This means multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. To open a new instance, one has to start a new session. However, a new session uses a lot of resources.

Object Tracking

Object tracking allows to follow objects in real time. This feature is very useful when the user drags or pushes objects to a new location. This feature works similar to 3D CAD software.

Design Center

Design center is a collection of objects, and can be saved as a group. Design center features include history, numbering, comments, lock-out, and importing.


Import gives you the flexibility to bring in DWG, DXF, PDF, TIFF and EPS files into a new drawing, or into a drawing that is currently open.


Locking is used to prevent accidental or unwanted changes. Users can lock a single object or a group of objects to prevent any modification.


The protected drawing feature in AutoCAD allows to save the drawings as a group, and access only that group. This feature is very useful to prevent the CAD operators from accidentally modifying a design.


This feature

AutoCAD 24.0


AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack started in 1983 as an improved drawing program called “2D System” (Autodesk 2D Systems) by The Software Group (later renamed Autodesk Inc.) to complement their other 2D drafting programs.

In 1985, The Software Group released AutoCAD 1, as a shareware product for non-commercial use. On May 4, 1986, Autodesk sold AutoCAD 1 to Quixote Systems. In 1988, Autodesk 2D Systems became a division of The Software Group. The division made significant improvements to AutoCAD and the other 2D drafting programs and released them all as shareware.

On May 20, 1989, Autodesk Inc. acquired The Software Group, renamed it Autodesk, and sold the AutoCAD division to Quixote Systems. AutoCAD 1, AutoCAD 2, AutoCAD 2D Systems and AutoCAD 3 all were released as shareware. Later that year, Autodesk Inc. released AutoCAD 1 as a fully commercial product for the first time.

AutoCAD 1 was introduced as a “2D” program, and it could only import (and export) simple linetypes and 2D features. AutoCAD 1 had only three commands. The first command was the “Command” menu, where the user selected a command, such as “Erase”. A menu would open which allowed the user to select the type of command they wanted to perform, like “Plot”. A dialog box would appear for the command, and the user typed in their arguments, the results of which would be displayed or plotted in the application’s window.

The program had no table functions, no field functions, no DXF Import, no DXF Export, no layer support, no drawing block support, no layers, no annotation, no palettes, no text styling, no customized line labels, no annotation, no digital dimensioning, no copy and paste, no interactive dimensioning, no interactive editing, and no direct access to the drawing area.

AutoCAD 1 also did not have a 2D coordinate system, no type conversion (e.g. between feet and meters), no arc functions, no application design, no ribbon, no status bar, no block organization, no default document settings, no layer context, no file name extensions, no Tolerance menu, and no Custom Labels

AutoCAD 24.0 Free

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Autocad Autodesk users community

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What’s New in the?

Import your Drafting & Drawing Workflow for business process insights. Use the corresponding process maps to get new perspectives on your current workflows. (video: 8:15 min.)

Ability to import from external cloud storage. Sync files directly to your drawing and collaborate with colleagues without needing to copy data to your drawing. (video: 2:00 min.)

3D Features:

A set of tools and commands to add a 3D component to your drawing

New linear parameter and 3D sketch tools in the pen tool

New capabilities for the Dimensions tool

Enhanced rendering capabilities in external applications such as Autodesk Revit Architecture

Extensible writing system: from basic text, to shapes and equations

Macro recorder: log all mouse clicks to a text document

A new system that helps designers to interact and produce documents quickly and intuitively

New and improved drawing tools

Faster and more accurate object placement in AutoCAD

New 3D tools for extracting 3D components from 2D drawings

New timeline tools for creating, viewing, and modifying time-based sequences of drawings

Enhanced geometric tools for better 3D modeling and rendering

Autodesk 360

In addition to the new features, AutoCAD 2023 is packed with new interactive features that greatly enhance the toolset, and usability in Autodesk 360. The Autodesk 360 environment on mobile and desktop is seamlessly connected to your current drawing and drawings saved in the cloud. It provides access to a variety of new features that greatly enhance your design and documentation experience. Autodesk 360 is now available on the web, iOS and Android mobile apps and Windows 10.

Find out more about the latest features for AutoCAD and the new features available in Autodesk 360.

(Video: How to import your current drawings to Autodesk 360)

360 Design

Design your projects better. More.

Easily design and prototype 3D models of your projects in Autodesk 360. Autodesk 360 Design allows you to generate stereoscopic renderings and a series of static views.

360 Design also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues or clients on a shared, online project space. Create a space for clients, colleagues, or other users to access on your website or mobile device. They can share 3D models and annotations on top of them.

AutoCAD 360 Design is available as a web app

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

4GB RAM (6GB recommended)
2GB VRAM (3GB recommended)
Intel Core i3 or above
NVIDIA GTX 760 or above recommended
Windows 7 or above
64-bit OS
Hard drive space 4GB RAM (6GB recommended)2GB VRAM (3GB recommended)Intel Core i3 or aboveNVIDIA GTX 760 or above recommendedWindows 7 or above64-bit OSHard drive space
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