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AutoCAD 2018

From Concept to Reality: 10 Years in the Making

AutoCAD is a highly successful and widely used CAD software package, with over 4.5 million licenses sold. AutoCAD 2018 is here to make sure you continue to enjoy the benefits of this software.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2018?

AutoCAD 2018 includes a vast number of improvements and new features. The majority of them were introduced in the 2015 and 2017 updates, and AutoCAD 2018 is an update to those features.

Here’s a list of some of the most significant changes you’ll experience with AutoCAD 2018:

In this new release of AutoCAD, every single element is redesigned from the ground up to fit your style.

2018 Release Features

This release includes the following features:


Working with dimensions has never been easier!

Dimensions are customizable to your liking. You can now set the font, height, and width, and even set them to a specific text or even image.

New Feature: Advanced Dimensions

The new Advanced Dimensions tool helps you to work with dimensions more efficiently. You can click on a single dimension to add, subtract, or duplicate it. You can also see the “lines” of the dimension and manipulate them as you wish.

Dimension Brush

The Dimension Brush is a much faster and efficient way to work with dimensions. You can zoom in and out on a specific dimension, as well as move the cursor along its “lines.”

There is also a special function to copy or delete individual segments.

Dimension Style Editor

The dimension style editor lets you change the appearance of all dimensions in the drawing. You can use the palette to change the line color and thickness of each element.

Freehand Dimensioning

The Freehand Dimension tool allows you to draw dimensions with ease. You can now set the font and color, as well as the height and width of the dimension. You can also insert a textbox at the bottom of your dimension.

Architectural Dimensioning

This new feature lets you automatically create a dimensional number with a dash in it if there is an architectural element below the dimension.

Orthographic Projection

Another new feature in AutoCAD 2018 is Orthographic Projection. This feature allows

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Support for the CIM (Common Information Model) standard is available via DIA (Data Interchange API).

AutoCAD 2012 or higher supports printing a page at a time. It can print pages using a D-size printer, a Datalogger or a Datalogger Documenter. The user interface does not restrict the user’s access to the printer. The user is allowed to print and play back at the same time. The AutoCAD user can change the page size, orientation, placement and scaling.

AutoCAD provides an RTF file format. AutoCAD supports RTF files directly, using print operators, and indirectly, by converting files to DXF or DWG. The AutoCAD user can annotate and sign the drawing. This may be useful for meeting contract drawings, job cards, and other specific requirements. The user can also use the RTF file format to create text files, Word documents, Visio diagrams, etc.

Most charting and inspection systems use XML files. AutoCAD supports the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standard. The IFC file format is used to save and share data such as product and quality specifications, pricing, organization charts and callouts. The IFC file format was standardized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. AutoCAD 2009 supports the IFC 2.0 version 3 standard. AutoCAD 2010 supports IFC 2.0 version 3.5. AutoCAD 2012 supports the IFC 2.1 version 3 standard.

AutoCAD supports the ODB (Open Database) SQL standard. ODB is a specification for the exchange of product and quality data between computer software applications. ODB is the successor to IEC 61010-11. The ODB SQL Server allows access to data based on standard SQL. The data is accessible for querying and updating, and using OLE DB drivers. There are also drivers for MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite and OLE DB from Microsoft. ODB can be used to access and modify the following data: product and quality specifications, prices, capacity, equipment, capacity and measurements, and management data.

The following products are related to AutoCAD:
AutoCAD – tools and workflows (for the 2D drawing environment)
AutoCAD Architect – 3D drawing environment for architecture
AutoCAD Electrical – electro-mechanical drawing environment for electrical engineering
AutoCAD Raster Graphics – interface to

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That said, Autodesk sends you a number of emails regarding your products. In case, you don’t see any emails regarding your license key, you have to call Autodesk support to retrieve it.

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What’s New In?

Comment and synchronize text with multiple stakeholders in real time without leaving the drawing and synchronize to cloud-based text.

Intelligent parallel coordinates can be grouped and exported to presentations or other file formats.

Drafting improvements:

Select from the drafting toolset with right-click on an object.

Wireframe tools can be toggled off to work independently.

Topology (split faces) editing can be applied to a portion of a drawing.

Topology editing is now fully integrated with drawing tools, such as modifying closed lines.

Canvas performance is now significantly improved for quick vector editing.

Show text at layout insertion points in the Drafting view.

The Drafting view automatically updates when you make changes to the active drawing.

Reflected object fills can be extended with the Extend Selection tool to select hidden parts.

The inner and outer faces of 3D models now are displayed with their surrounding faces.

Automatic clipboard history is now available on the Clipboard menu, which will quickly open your most recent files.

You can print all markers of a drawing with a single command.

Drawing guides can be scaled, sized, and positioned in the Styles and Properties Manager.

Graphics engine improvements:

Animate your drawing to create motion video.

Save video as an image file and export it to video.

Improvements to AI, Graphite, and Trace for added performance.

AI scaling and snapping tools can be turned on or off for more accurate real-time applications.

Shareable/exportable graphics with better 32-bit compatibility.

GIS support:

Support for ArcGIS Online, which lets you create on-demand web maps, using your own data or data from any source.

Printing, scanning, and signing support for closed areas and boxes.

Enhanced AI capabilities with the full complement of AI tools available.

New math and geometric calculations:

New Geometric Functions for easy volume calculations and area to perimeter conversions.

New ArcObjects objects for navigating GeoJSON, GPX, and other geospatial data.

New ArcGISObject and ArcObjectsEnum objects for working with ArcGIS objects.

ArcObjects is now available in all AppVeyor targets.

Ability to perform data analysis directly in the drawing.


System Requirements:

PlayStation®4 system or PlayStation®3 system
Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
Windows PC system
1.8 GHz processor
2 GB of RAM
8 GB of available space
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB or higher
DirectX 11 graphics driver
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