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Key Features of AutoCAD:

Creation of 2D and 3D objects using the 2D or 3D drafting tools or toolsets. These toolsets are based on the tools and toolboxes present in the AutoCAD program.

Digital drawing creation on the 2D or 3D models using the 2D or 3D drafting tools. These toolsets are based on the tools and toolboxes present in the AutoCAD program.

Creation of a 2D or 3D geometric object (primitives) or a line, arc, circle, ellipse, polyline, polygon, spline, circle, poly, bezier curves, line, ellipse, polyline, polygon, spline, rectangle, arc, elliptical arc, regular polygon, circle, ellipse, point, text, arrow, text object, path, or 3D solids.

Routing, text, annotations, dimensioning, labeling, managing layers, animation, exporting, and printing.

User Interface – How to install


AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD Express is the main AutoCAD product that allows simple design and architectural work, primarily on the Windows PC platform. The basic features of the product are similar to those of the full version of AutoCAD. As of version 2012, AutoCAD LT is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8. AutoCAD LT is a free download. AutoCAD LT is an AutoCAD LT development partner product (Visual Lint).

Components used

AutoCAD LT does not support the full version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT does not require a license to operate. Users of this software cannot draw in the Autodesk Vault, Fusion 360, Onshape, ArchiCAD, or Revit. AutoCAD LT can create and edit technical drawings, 2D and 3D architectural drawings, and 2D and 3D plans and sections.

How to install

Start AutoCAD LT. Download the software from Autodesk. Install AutoCAD LT. Launch the software. Choose the option to install AutoCAD LT or to create a new installation. Enter the installation name. Choose the language. Click on OK. You can install AutoCAD LT in

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The first thing I’d do is log out, then go into your chat room and see if it’s there. (If it isn’t, I’d be more than a little worried.) If that’s not the problem, the best course of action would be to post a question on Meta. The questions on Meta may not get answered, but they get answered by the community.
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Note that it’s pretty normal for people to just disappear after answering your questions. They get swamped with other things and stop answering or get lazy and leave their account half finished. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to help. It’s pretty easy to drop back in when they’re ready to get back to it.

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Additional explanation:
Compiling and running


Create a new project.

In the cui-environment do:


The.bin file should be in the build directory.


At the beginning:




Now, the application is ready to use.

To compile:


This will produce binaries in the `build/cui` directory.

If you want to run:




to change to an already existing project.

Now, you may work with your cui project.

New features in version 0.10.0

The new features are:

Error handling

The error handling in cui was improved.
You now have a kind of a log file.

Start the cui from the command line by


and you will see the following output on the screen:

start of cui
This version of cui is a development version, you should not use it.
for usage please use the configure/compile/build procedure
if you are a developer please use the CUI API instead
Error in file U:\Viewer\cui.cpp.
Please check file U:\Viewer\cui.cpp for problems.
[more output]
begin of build process
[build output]
end of build process
status of build process
[more output]

Features of the project

The following features are available in cui:

1. UTF-8 encoding

2. Chordic shapes

3. Projection

4. Z axis

ISO C++, Visual Studio 6.0, Borland C++ Builder 4.0

It is possible to build cui with Visual Studio 6.0, Borland C++ Builder 4.0
using gcc.

C++Builder 4.0

Open the Visual Studio project file `setup.hpp

What’s New In?

Use the Markup Assist dialog box to import and import a shape that you have already created in a separate drawing, and create and edit text styles. (video: 4:16 min.)

Use AutoLISP to write new custom shapes and styles directly into AutoCAD. Learn how to write new commands from outside of AutoCAD and save them as a custom shape. (video: 1:46 min.)

The new QuickDraw feature in AutoCAD 2023 brings new tools to a broad range of users, including architects, graphic designers, engineers, surveyors, and many others who use and need to create technical drawings.

The new markup engine enables a new feature that we call “Markup Assist.” This feature makes it possible to send a mark in AutoCAD that can be incorporated into a drawing or any other file on your system. The same mark can be used to add, modify, or remove that mark from multiple documents, making it easy to produce and integrate comments or change requests into documents.

(Also, we just added a new blog post here to explain a little more about the new “Markup Assist” and “Markup Import” features in AutoCAD.)

New “QuickDraw” Feature

The new “QuickDraw” feature enables users to make edits to a geometric shape and have that edit applied to the associated drawing. Using the new QuickDraw feature, you can import a shape that you’ve created outside of AutoCAD, edit its properties, and then use that edit to make edits to your drawing.

The QuickDraw feature is available in all Windows applications in which AutoCAD is included. If you’re using a Windows application that doesn’t include AutoCAD, then the QuickDraw feature is not available to you. You can use the same methods to create and edit the QuickDraw feature.

See New “QuickDraw” Feature

Ribbon Enhancements

The ribbon enhancements provide new, easy-to-use tools for working with multiple drawings, multiple layers, and with 3D models. This is the first time that the ribbon has been separated into three major sections: “New” and “Open” have been moved to the “File” group. The “Tools” group is now its own group, and the “View” group has been

System Requirements:

1. Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Mac or PC version)
2. Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Mac or PC version)
3. Adobe After Effects CS6 (Mac or PC version)
4. A laptop or desktop computer running on macOS High Sierra (Mac OS X 10.13) with a processor of at least 2.3 GHz.
5. A laptop or desktop computer running on Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64

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